Winners of Fire & Feast 2011 – Competition Results

To view photos from the event, visit the Fire & Feast page on Facebook or the Yazoo County CVB Flickr page.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and to those who came close.   We are so thrilled for all of you!  See ya next year at Fire & Feast 2012!!

Fire & Feast MBN Grand Champion
10 Bones BBQ

Whole Hog
1st – Diamond D Cooking Team
2nd – 10 Bones BBQ
3rd – Boars Night Out
4th – Fireman John’s BBQ
5th – Wild Boar Smokers
6th – Slap Jo Mama
7th – Casey’s Calibrated BBQ

1st – 10 Bones
2nd – Boars Night Out
3rd – Forrest’s Fine Foods
4th – Red Hot Smokers
5th – Fireman John’s Smokers
6th – Magnificent Red Eyed Smokers
7th – Burned at the Steak

1st – Burned at the Steak
2nd – 10 Bones BBQ
3rd – Wild Boar Smokers
4th – Red Hot Smokers
5th – Boars Night Out
6th – Forrest’s Fine Food
7th – Magnificent Red Eyed Smokers


1st – Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department
2nd – Yazoo City Fire Department

1st – Buck n Brews
2nd – Front Wood Smokers
3rd – Chief Smokers


Bloody Mary
Winner – Front Woods Smokers

Hot Wings
Winner – Front Woods Smokers

Winner – 10 Bones BBQ

Baked Beans
Winner – Buck n Brews BBQ

Anything But
Winner – Chief Smokers