The Winners!

Congratulations to all our winners!  Thank you for your participation and support of Fire & Feast 2012!  We can’t wait to see y’all next year in Yazoo City!


Anything Butt
1st – Pull My Pork and Rub My Ribs with a bacon wrapped tenderloin
2nd – Smokin’ Bandits fried green tomato topped with shrimp
3rd – International Grillers frog legs

Baked Beans
1st – Magnificent Red eyed Smokers
2nd – Chief Smokers

Hot Wings
1st – Chief Smokers
2nd – Burned at the Steak
3rd – Paradise Porkers

1st – Budro’s BBQ
2nd – Barnyard

Bloody Mary
1st – Frontwood Smokers
2nd – Smokin’ Bandits


1st Place – Smokin’ Bandits
2nd Place – Frontwood Smokers
3rd Place – Butt Ugly BBQ


1st Place – Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department
2nd Place – Yazoo City Fire Department – B-Shift

MBN Competition Results


1st Place – Boar’s Night Out
2nd Place – 10 Bones
3rd Place – Diamond D Cooking Team
4th Place – Fireman John’s BBQ
5th Place – Barnyard Roasters
6th Place – Slap Jo Mama
7th Place – Forrest’s Fine Foods


1st Place – Red Hot Smokers
2nd Place – Boar’s Night Out
3rd Place – 10 Bones
4th Place – Paradise Porkers
5th Place – Burned at the Steak
6th Place – Chimneyville Smokehouse
7th Place – Slap Jo Mama


1st Place – Red Hot Smokers
2nd Place – Chimneyville Smokehouse
3rd Place – Slap Jo Mama
4th Place – Diamond D Cooking Team
5th Place – Barnyard Roasters
6th Place – 10 Bones
7th Place – Boar’s Night Out


Red Hot Smokers

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  1. Victory Lane BBQ Team from Memphis Tn will be competing and will be trying to shake things up this year !

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