So… You Think You Can JUDGE?

Do you dream in BBQ? Do you take your coffee with a little brown sugar and chili powder? Does your family cry in desperation at every family outing, “Do we HAVE TO eat BBQ again??”

Well, suffer-alone-no-more, barbecue fan! This is where you belong!


This is open call for all MBN barbecue judges – we need you at Fire & Feast in Yazoo City, Mississippi, on September 5 & 6, 2014!

We’d prefer you be trained, if not certified, by the Memphis Barbecue Network – but if you would like to judge and haven’t trained yet, we can point you to a class close by.

(In fact, there’s a fine one going on April 5, just up the road from us, in Greenwood, MS. You can find info on that and others in the future at

Download our Judge Request and submit it ASAP.  We’ve got 3 BBQ competitions and 5 Ancillary categories (including DESSERT!) so we’ll need just about all the tastebuds we can get!

2014 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition JUDGE REQUEST FORM

Form is in PDF format. Download the Adobe Reader to view or print.
You may also call 800.381.0662 to have an application mailed to you.

We’ve got MORE money, BIGGER trophies… and SUGAR!

You heard right.  The 4th annual Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival in Yazoo City, Mississippi, will have even MORE prize money than in years past!  Check out the info below on the latest developments, and be sure to keep it here for updates.  Judge request forms will be posted next week, and BBQ applications will follow shortly after.

We told you last month about our plans to end the Baked Beans portion of the Ancillary competitions, and replace that category with Desserts.  What we didn’t tell you, is we will also be increasing the prize money for all of the Ancillary categories!  Sauce, Anything But Pork, Desserts, Hot Wings and Cocktails previously payed out only for first place wins. This year, we will be paying a second AND a third place prize as well (yes, some of y’alls entries were just that good!).  There will be a $25 third place, a $50 second place, and a $100 first place prize awarded in each of these 5 categories, bringing our total CASH prizes up to…


Oh, and we did mention a bigger trophy, didn’t we? Our Rico Knives hand-made damascus blade trophy knives have been a BIG hit with our teams. Take a stroll through one of our championship teams’ most prized possessions, and you’re sure to see a Rico on display. In years past, the Grand Champion was awarded a “Pig Sticker,”…. which, exactly as it sounds, is a really-great-big-huge knife.

We are SO pleased to announce that this year’s Grand Champion will have the honor of receiving the first ever special-edition Rico Cleaver, made especially for our competition! Below is a photo of the prototype, full of Bobby Rico’s signature styling, including a hand-made handle and blade and the tell-tale feather patterning of Damascus steel.  This is truly a work of art that any of our teams would be proud to win… but as we know, there can be only one!

Rico Cleaver edit