Am I A Good Candidate For Surgery?

Am I a good candidate for Seattle Plastic Surgeon? The answer is ‘yes’, if you follow the doctors’ advice and go into surgery as instructed. If you have had surgery in the past, you are more likely to want to have again. Some people have the fear of going under the knife, that they will not recover well. There is no reason to be frightened or intimidated – it is perfectly normal to fear the unknown, but there are excellent resources available that can help overcome these feelings of uncertainty.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has created a checklist for potential candidates that you can check to see if you meet their criteria. It is broken down into five key areas, which are age (by year of birth), ethnicity, lifestyle, and general health. It will help you think carefully about your own personal history and take note of any changes that may have occurred in the past. As with any other surgical procedure, candidates need to understand that there will always be possible risks, and that they must be comfortable with the inherent risks. It is equally important that they feel confident about the expected outcome of the surgery.

Age is such a consideration – do you have any illnesses or disease that would make you unsuitable for surgery? Some of the most common are diabetes, heart conditions, lung problems, and skin issues. Consider your lifestyle – what types of exercise do you engage in on a daily basis? This will impact positively upon your recovery from surgery, and you should always consult your physician regarding any changes you may be making to your lifestyle.

Lifestyle is perhaps the easiest to determine – if you smoke, chances are you will be excluded from some types of surgery. Diet is also an area of consideration, so it is good to eliminate foods that are high in cholesterol or sodium, and foods that you are avoiding because of potential complications. Alcohol and drugs should also be eliminated from your life if at all possible. Smoking does not necessarily disqualify candidates – Cosmetic Surgery in Seattle WA offer the smoking induction during surgery as an option – it is important however to have your physician to explain the procedure, and the risks involved, before you agree to it. Your physician will also be able to help you identify any pre-existing medical conditions that could negatively impact your recovery after surgery.

The physical condition of the body is also something to consider. The candidate’s ability to heal will be enhanced if they are in good health, and their physical capabilities are strong. Some people have been recovering from surgery for months – weeks even – while others have only had a few days or weeks of pain or discomfort. The amount of pain experienced will be dependent upon the type and complexity of the surgery performed. Consider a specialist in your area to give you an idea of the kinds of pain experienced by others.

Am I a good candidate for surgery? If you are willing to follow the instructions of your doctor, and give yourself time to recover, then yes, you can have a successful surgery. Keep in mind that a large percentage of candidates never get to actually undergo surgery because their surgeons make many procedural errors or do not offer a thorough enough healing process.

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