Injuries That Can Result in Million-Dollar Compensation

Some people escape car accidents with minor injuries. All they need is outpatient treatment. However,there are people who die because of personal injuries. On the other hand,others suffer injuries that permanently alter the course of their lives. There are injuries that justify getting a big personal injury settlement,particularly when a good personal injury law firm is involved.

A Severe Spinal Cord Injury

This can result in paralysis. The injury can paralyze one or more sections of the body. Thus,one may be unable to walk or carry out the most basic human tasks.

Treating a spinal cord injury is expensive. After the treatment,one will require lifelong therapy and rehabilitation. A single session of therapy can cost hundreds of dollars.

The minimum compensation for a spinal cord injury should be a million dollars. However,this will barely be enough,because there is also the aspect of lost income.

Serious Brain and Head Injuries

The head is one of the most sensitive human organs. A serious head injury can lead to brain damage. In the worst-case scenario,the injured person will go into a coma. Reversing a coma is not easy. One might have to stay in that state for a very long time,or until death. That results in lost income,as well as pain and suffering. Thus,there is justification for getting a big personal injury settlement.


Nothing justifies a big settlement more than death. No sum of money can quantify the value of a human life. Considering the emotional pain of death,even getting a big personal injury settlement is not enough. However,the sum obtained will at least be able to pay for the educational and living expenses of the dependents.

The Bottom Line

In personal injury cases,compensation is determined based on the severity of the injury. There are different levels of injury,including trivial,moderate,serious and severe. The last two require compensation of millions of dollars,so contact a good sue for a car accident .

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