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Why you all up in our GRILLS??

We know it’s because you want one of these shirts!  The official 2012 Fire & Feast T-shirts are turning out to be a BIG hit!  They are on sale NOW, so make your plans now to get one while you can.

Our supply will be ready for purchase on Friday, August 17, and will be available at the office of the Yazoo County CVB AND at Scentual Attractionz in Yazoo City!  They are $12 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Get YOURS today, before they’re gone!

Yazoo County CVB
Mon – Fri: 8 am – 5 pm
332 North Main Street


Scentual Attractionz (aka DeDe’s Store!)
Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
Fri: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
509 E. 5th St.



Those who can, DO. Those who can do MORE…


Begging…. it’s so… unbecoming.  And yet, we do it here every year.  There’s just no way around it. Festivals are a LOT of work.  Add to that 3 Barbecue competitions – we’re talking countless hours!  There is no way for our little (but awesome!) committee to get it all done by ourselves.  Believe me when I say our volunteers are well taken care of, and much appreciated.  T-shirts, food, drinks, VIP seating at the annual CVB Honors (and of course the love and adoration poured on them by everyone on our committee)…  We treat our volunteers like royalty, and they in turn work their buns off for this event!  Not that they do it for the t-shirts, the recognition, or even our undying love – which is a good thing.  None could compare to the amount of work they accomplish (although, we really do love our volunteers a LOT!).

All of this is to say (ask, guilt-trip, BEG?) if you have a few hours available on September 7 & 8, 2012 in Yazoo City, Mississippi – we sure could use your help. We’ll treat y’all real good, give you a t-shirt, feed you and everything!!

Download the application, fill it out, and send it in to us. We’ll take it by fax, e-mail, messenger pigeon, scribbled on a napkin, message-in-a-bottle on the Yazoo River, smoke-signals, morse code… if you send it, we’ll be looking for you come September.  😉


BYOG …or… How many amps does it take to win a BBQ competition?

Last year’s competition went GREAT, but we did have one big issue – power for the BBQ teams.  It all worked out fine after some finagling by our awesome teams, but in order to avoid any issues this year…

BBQ Teams – Please keep in mind that certain types of electrical equipment (hot plates, microwaves, RV’s with air conditioning, etc.) will not run on a 20 amp breaker.  If you are bringing these types of items, please remember to BYOG… that’s Bring Your Own Generator. 

As our applications state, there may be some additional power available on-site – but there will be an additional fee, and the supply is very limited.  If you want to be assured of having the power you need, we encourage you to BYOG.  The Yazoo County Fairgrounds is an awesome location for this festival to continue to grow over the years, but for the time being, we appreciate your patience with us and with the wonderful folks at the fairgrounds as we work toward making Fire & Feast one of the greatest barbecue competitions in existence!  (We dream big, y’all!)

Thanks so much from the Fire & Feast crew!  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at the Yazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-381-0662.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

Show Us YOUR Ribs!

July 4th is coming up fast!  While you’re out there celebrating our country’s independence and barbecuing for your family and friends, it’s a great time to make a trial run of your competition barbeque recipe for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival in Yazoo City!  The rules are pretty simple, and are detailed in the applications.  Here’s the basics – *

  • no marinading before meat check-in *
  • cook only with charcoal or wood *
  • provide 6 “blind boxes” for judging time *
  • Backyard and Fire House compete in ribs only *

The backyard division is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of competition Bar-B-Que.  You’ll have the chance to rub elbows with some of the greatest Bar-B-Q champions in the US!  Call us today for more information on how you can enter.  There are trophies, prize money, and for the First Place Backyard winner, a paid entry into next year’s PRO competition in Yazoo!

Like my mama always said, “You can’t beat that with a stick!”  Although, in this case, the right stick in your smoker really could make all the difference!


*see official rules detailed in the applications for full details


Did we say BIG MONEY???

You already know that Fire & Feast has huge prize money – $20,000 for 2012!  Check out the break-down of the prize money below.  Be sure to get your application in fast to guarantee your spot!

2012 Contest Category Prizes

MBN Championship Prizes
Categories:  Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, and Pork Rib
(Prize structure awarded for all three categories)
1st Place –  $2,000.00 + trophy
2nd Place –  $1,250.00 + trophy
3rd Place –  $750.00 + trophy
4th Place –  $500.00
5th Place –  $400.00
6th Place –  $250.00
7th Place –  $100.00

MBN Grand Champion – $3,000 and Custom Built Trophy
PLUS paid entry to the Memphis Barbecue Network Championship

Firehouse Prizes (Pork Rib only)
1st Place –  $200, trophy, paid entry for 2012 competition and the title of State of MS Fire and Feast Firehouse Division BBQ Champion
(as proclaimed by Governor Haley Barbour)
2nd Place –  $100 + trophy
3rd Place –  $75 + trophy

Backyard Prizes (Pork Rib only)
1st Place -$200, trophy and paid entry for 2012 MBN Professional Division.
2nd Place – $100 + trophy
3rd Place – $75 + trophy

Ancillary Prizes
Categories:  Anything but…, Baked Beans, Sauce, Hot Wings, and Bloody Mary
$100 – 1st place prize only in each category.

Note: MBN Division trophies are built for
Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival
by Bobby Rico – Rico Knives of Vaughan, MS

Cookin’ for the Kids!

We are SO thrilled to announce that our charity for 2012 has been chosen and confirmed!  A portion of the proceeds from Fire & Feast 2012 will go to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta in Yazoo City!

From their website:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta’s mission is to enable all young people of the Mississippi Delta, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

Our Clubs, from Tunica County to Yazoo County (click here for a listing of our clubsites) offer nationally recognized programs in five core program areas:  Character and Leadership Development, Health and Life Skills, Education and Career Development, The Arts, and Sports, Fitness, & Recreation.

For more information about our programs and services or to download a membership application, click here.

Click to visit B&GC of the Mississippi Delta on the web!

We could not dream of a better cause!  We are so thankful that the Yazoo City Club has agreed to accept our offer.  We look forward to a beautiful relationship between the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta in Yazoo City and the Fire & Feast BBQ Competition and Festival!

Be sure to follow the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta on Facebook, and visit their website to stay up-to-date on all their activities.  We’ll be cookin’ for the kids at Fire & Feast 2012 in Yazoo City!

Twenty-Thousand BIG ONES!!!

The Ubon's BBQ crew meeting with Yazoo County CVB Exec. Dir. Tonja Ray-Smith, discussing plans for Fire & Feast 2012

Plans are coming together, applications are being readied, and we are gearing up for Fire & Feast 2012!  September 7 & 8 will be here before we know it!  The latest news?…..


This is the total of the CASH prize money to be awarded at Fire & Feast 2012!  Add to this the custom hand-made trophy knives by Bobby Rico for the MBN Professional Competition! We’re talking SERIOUS winnings here!  Get ready, y’all!  We’re going to have a blast!!


Winners of Fire & Feast 2011 – Competition Results

To view photos from the event, visit the Fire & Feast page on Facebook or the Yazoo County CVB Flickr page.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and to those who came close.   We are so thrilled for all of you!  See ya next year at Fire & Feast 2012!!

Fire & Feast MBN Grand Champion
10 Bones BBQ

Whole Hog
1st – Diamond D Cooking Team
2nd – 10 Bones BBQ
3rd – Boars Night Out
4th – Fireman John’s BBQ
5th – Wild Boar Smokers
6th – Slap Jo Mama
7th – Casey’s Calibrated BBQ

1st – 10 Bones
2nd – Boars Night Out
3rd – Forrest’s Fine Foods
4th – Red Hot Smokers
5th – Fireman John’s Smokers
6th – Magnificent Red Eyed Smokers
7th – Burned at the Steak

1st – Burned at the Steak
2nd – 10 Bones BBQ
3rd – Wild Boar Smokers
4th – Red Hot Smokers
5th – Boars Night Out
6th – Forrest’s Fine Food
7th – Magnificent Red Eyed Smokers


1st – Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department
2nd – Yazoo City Fire Department

1st – Buck n Brews
2nd – Front Wood Smokers
3rd – Chief Smokers


Bloody Mary
Winner – Front Woods Smokers

Hot Wings
Winner – Front Woods Smokers

Winner – 10 Bones BBQ

Baked Beans
Winner – Buck n Brews BBQ

Anything But
Winner – Chief Smokers

GREAT news for Arts & Crafts!

We’ve got GREAT news for all of our Arts & Crafts vendors for the 2011 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival!! We’ve been able to generate enough interest in the Arts & Crafts area that we are able to reduce your fees for this year’s registration! 10×10 spaces are just $75, and a 10×20 is only $100! Get your apps in ASAP – the few spaces we have left will NOT last long!!

Download your application here: