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Idea of a PERFECT Relationship

There may no such thing as the word perfect in any connection but you can always make it perfect together. if you want to have a successful relationship, remember to know that there are certain ideas how to make it work. Relationship is about two people who are willing to do anything for the success of the relationship. Love is not the only sole thing to make it perfect. Because just like a dish there are a couple of ingredients to put in order to make it tasty. The same with a relationship, there are things we have to follow in order to have a great one. Below are some ideas on how to have a perfect relationship.

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1. Open communication

Whatever it is, communication is always the key in everything. it opens the door to things that you wanted to see. If you want your partner to trust you, telling her what you are up to in life is very important. let her know what is going on so she won’t be worth. tell her what your plans and goals in life so she can help you. Being an open book to your partner is a must. Your partner should know what makes you sad or what makes you mad in her. These things should be talk and not just left behind.

2. Honesty

Of course being truthful is the main ingredient for a perfect relationship. When you are honest to your partner you build their trust that is so important. Never make anything that could hurt your partner, like chatting other person. And then lying to them that you never did. that would be the beginning of your lying journey that is why never make yourself to put on that kind of situation.

3. Romantic

Being romantic is really a thing in a relationship. cheap or expensive there is always a place for it. some people took it for granted specially when they are in the long run. Never let your relationship feel like you never wanted it at all. Do the same thing you did just like before. surprising your girl or man makes them feel happy. Or celebrating your anniversary outside that also more than enough. Just never forget the little things about the two of you.

4. Be patience

Sometimes in a relationship getting into nerves is not new anymore. But never let that emotions of your partner makes you gave up. They are still human and they are going through hard time. in that case your patience and understanding is badly needed. Always be available when your partner need you because maybe you are the reason why they still continued to hold on. Never take your partner for granted, their emotions are valuable enough.

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what do different people have thoughts on marriage?

people have different opinion when it comes to marriages. it is the ultimate goal for a lot of people to have in their lives while others do everything to avoid it. the truth is that not everyone has positive things to say in marriage. they say that it is just a legal document that just makes everything harder in the future. but the majority of people think getting married is a way to make the relationship last a lifetime. it is an agreement and a contract of stating together no matter what. but nowadays people do not really respect it anymore. not a lot of people are willing to honor that contract especially when it’s already clear that a relationship is falling apart already.

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it is a terrible feeling to be trapped in a marriage with someone who is already not interested. there is always going to be a lot that can go wrong with couples no matter how hard or how many promises they have with each other. and no one really would make things alright because there are stick laws that are preventing from leaving. not a lot of people are willing to be expose to that kind of risk. no matter how much smart a guy can be when it comes to love there is always going to be plenty of room for errors and when it comes to marriages no one can really afford to mess things up that easily. but the majority of people just wants to be married. it is what most do whenever they are sure about each other.

it is the ultimate prof of the love that they have because the commitment is so strong and no one really has an out. getting to the point of getting married is not a lot of work and can take a very long time to get there. only men who is willing to sacrifice and is alright with a lot of responsibilities are always going to want to get married. it can be one of the dreams that many men had in order to be with the right person all along. there is always going to be different kind of people who has a lot to say when it comes to marriages. there is always going to be negatives and positives that are going to be present. and it is not all of the time that people are right. It all comes to what a couple really wants to do. getting married because of all the pressure of society is also one of causes of divorces that can turn very ugly in the future. the best thing to do is just to spend time getting to know someone just to be sure. because time is always going to show what is really is missing and who is really the person behind it all. getting married so suddenly can be one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people does that can leave a deep scar.

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Tips for First Date Success

Recognizing the common problems that people do have when going on dates would be nice. Figuring out the small things first and working towards a more severe goal when it comes to dating is a recipe for a better experience there is countless of problems that a lot of people don’t even know that it is what makes it difficult for them to have even a slight chance of going home happy with someone.

complicated situation 

the problem with many people is they try to make it harder than it has to be. It is the worst nightmare for ladies when they are out Inna date with someone. When a guy tries to do too much to get a reaction with the lady. That already tells a thousand stories. That was exposing a person’s lack of experience and skills when it comes to meeting a woman. The problem is that many guys do not think that being vulnerable and open is a good thing. But it is what a lady needs to feel comfortable or to have an idea of what truly is the person that she is dating. When a guy always tries to do stuff like talk too much or do something stupid to make a woman think that he is calm. It might work in younger ladies who do not want to be in a long-term relationship with someone. But with decent ladies who are looking for something better. That kind of behavior is very annoying and discouraging.

unnecessary reactions 

it means that when a guy is too stiff about a date. That leads to many harmful practices, like getting stressed out too quickly. It is one of the signs that many things are going on in his head. Most of the time, people want to have a smooth date with someone. But the reality is that there is a lot of things that can go wrong very quickly. That is when there is a lot of stress that can happen. When a guy gets easily irritated over the little things, especially on the first date like traffic or the service. It is just not going to be a pleasant experience with the lady. The more that it is going to be stressful, the more that she would not be interested at all. A woman generally wants a guy who displays kindness and calmness, especially in the first few dates. It is what a lot of men are lacking.

unhealthy distraction

the sign of a mature person is that he does not let the small distraction ruin a date. Little distraction means texting and using the phone all of the time, especially going on a date. It is a very ride thing to do, especially with ladies with a higher level of maturity. It’s kind of disrespectful to talk to someone, especially when it is just getting to know phase and using the smartphone all of the time while doing it.