Calling All Artists!

Calling All Local and Regional Performers

This is an open call for information on you or your group/band. We need to get the line-up for Fire & Feast 2013 put together as soon as possible in order to maximize our media placement and advertisement.


If you are interested in performing in Yazoo City at Fire & Feast 2013 on Sept. 6th, please e-mail a short bio, up to 2 MP3’s, and your best video (or link to video) to


Must be submitted by February 28, 2013, to be considered.


8 thoughts on “Calling All Artists!”

  1. I’d love for my band to play this year. I’ve sold my bottlecap art there for the past 2 years. I’m VERY good friends with Heath and Leslie Scott and the whole Ubons family. They’ve heard my band on dozens of occassions. We play a variety of music- from Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd. We’ve played many festivals including the Natchez Balloon Races, Woodville Deer and Wildlife Fest, Natchez Blues Fest, October Fest in Cleveland MS, and many more. My guitar player is a sound engineer as well, and has all the equipment you’d need if you haven’t hired anyone yet. I’d be glad to connect you with him. You can call me at 601-870-5852. Thanks!

  2. Hey! Monkey Bone had a great time last year performing at Fire and Feast! Would love to do it again on September 6th! Monkey Bone is almost a local Yazoo City band, although we are based out of Belzoni, Ms! Having performed extensively all over Mississippi and having a huge fan base in the delta and central Mississippi, Monkey Bone is sure to bring people from all over!!!!!! Please consider Monkey Bone for the Fire and Feast Festival on September 6!!!!!

    1. I just emailed you the YouTube link to the Monkey Bone Video Demo and also a Monkey Bone biography! Please let me know if you did not get it!

      Kevin James

      1. Thanks, Kevin! We did get it and it’s gone to the proper authorities. lol We will be in touch going forward once decisions have been made. Thank you so much for sending the requested info in the requested formats. We really appreciate it.

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