Did we say BIG MONEY???

You already know that Fire & Feast has huge prize money – $20,000 for 2012!  Check out the break-down of the prize money below.  Be sure to get your application in fast to guarantee your spot!

2012 Contest Category Prizes

MBN Championship Prizes
Categories:  Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, and Pork Rib
(Prize structure awarded for all three categories)
1st Place –  $2,000.00 + trophy
2nd Place –  $1,250.00 + trophy
3rd Place –  $750.00 + trophy
4th Place –  $500.00
5th Place –  $400.00
6th Place –  $250.00
7th Place –  $100.00

MBN Grand Champion – $3,000 and Custom Built Trophy
PLUS paid entry to the Memphis Barbecue Network Championship

Firehouse Prizes (Pork Rib only)
1st Place –  $200, trophy, paid entry for 2012 competition and the title of State of MS Fire and Feast Firehouse Division BBQ Champion
(as proclaimed by Governor Haley Barbour)
2nd Place –  $100 + trophy
3rd Place –  $75 + trophy

Backyard Prizes (Pork Rib only)
1st Place -$200, trophy and paid entry for 2012 MBN Professional Division.
2nd Place – $100 + trophy
3rd Place – $75 + trophy

Ancillary Prizes
Categories:  Anything but…, Baked Beans, Sauce, Hot Wings, and Bloody Mary
$100 – 1st place prize only in each category.

Note: MBN Division trophies are built for
Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival
by Bobby Rico – Rico Knives of Vaughan, MS

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