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HUGE thanks to everyone who had a hand in making our 4th annual Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival in Yazoo City, Mississippi, a huge success! It could NOT happen without our committee, our volunteers, our SPONSORS, and especially our competing TEAMS!! Now, without further ado…

2014 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival Winners List

2014 Fire & Feast Grand Champion
Diamond D Cooking Team

2014-09-06 18.51.29

2014 Fire & Feast MBN Professional Competition Results:

Whole Hog

1st  – Diamond D Cooking Team
2nd – Boars Night Out
3rd – Victory Lane BBQ
4th – Fireman John’s BBQ
5th – Barnyard Roasters
6th – SlapJo Mama
7th – The Smokin’ Bandits


1st – Victory Lane BBQ
2nd – Red Hot Smokers
3rd – Boars Night Out
4th – Poker Porkers
5th – SlapJo Mama
6th – Burned at the Steak
7th – Boom Boom Que


1st – Red Hot Smokers
2nd – Boars Night Out
3rd – Smoke Dawg BBQ
4th – Victory Lane BBQ
5th – Boom Boom Que
6th – Diamond D Cooking Team
7th – 3 Stacks BBQ

First Responders

1st – Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Dept.
2nd – Walls Firehouse Smokers


1st – Smokin’ Sober Sometimes
2nd – Tri-Community VFD
3rd – Budro’s BBQ


Anything Butt Pork

1st – The Smokin’ Bandits
2nd – Tom Tom Bob A Que
3rd – Victory Lane BBQ


1st – Rolling Bones
2nd – The Smokin’ Bandist (sample B)
3rd – Fossil Fueled Porkers (sample A)

Hot Wings

1st – Frontwood Smokers
2nd – The Pocahontas Porkers
3rd – Diamond D Cooking Team


1st – The Pocahontas Porkers
2nd – TCP/IPIG – The Pork Protocol
3rd – Victory Lane BBQ


1st – The Smokin’ Bandits
2nd – Frontwood Smokers
3rd – Zoo Krew BBQ

Congratulations to ALL of our winners! We look forward to seeing you in Yazoo City next year at Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival!

Our Sponsors ROCK!

We’re pretty sure that everyone knows this, but just in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t already know how important sponsors are to events like Fire & Feast, we had to take the time to say it.

Our Sponsors ROCK!

Most of our sponsors for 2014 have been with us since the very beginning, and ALL have repeatedly sponsored our event. Our sponsors know how much this event does for our community, and the kind of financial impact that it has for everyone who works, lives, and owns a business in Yazoo.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We truly could not do this without you, and we are so grateful that you take the time (and the money) to support this local event.

Word just cannot say enough… but we hope our friends and fans will take the time to visit them on the web and in person, and show them your appreciation.

2014 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival Sponsors

Fire & Feast Entertainment Sponsor

Budweiser and Bud Light

Fire & Feast Hospitality Sponsors

Ubon's Barbeque

VIP Tent Sponsor

CF Industries

Additional Fire & Feast Sponsors

Delta Group

Mutual Credit Union

Presenting Sponsors for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival:

Yazoo County CVB
Yazoo County CVB

Yazoo County Fair Association

Yazoo County Fair Association

Got grill problems? I feel bad for you, son…

FF14 TshirtPromo


We’ve got 99 problems, but PORK ain’t one!

The official 2014 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival T-shirts are on sale NOW for only $15 at the office of the Yazoo County Convention & Visitors Bureau (presenters of Fire & Feast).

Don’t wait to get yours. Extended sizes are especially limited. Stop by the CVB today. Cash only, please.

FF2014 Tshirt Front2w

Did we mention that the deadline to enter one of our 3 barbecue competitions is ONLY 9 days away?! If you haven’t sent us an application yet, get on the ball.  Click Here to download your Application and Rules.

MBN Trophies for 2014

The 2014 MBN Trophies are ready and waiting for YOU! We have been able to draw in some of the top MBN teams each year, and we know that’s because of our BIG prize money – but we’d also like to think it has a little to do with our coveted Bobby Rico Knives custom trophies. *smile*

This year’s trophies have been made even more special with the inclusion of the Grand Champion’s first-ever Rico Knives Cleaver!

Rico Knives Trophies 2014 WEB

Bobby Rico, maker of our MBN trophies, is a resident of Yazoo County, Mississippi, and a member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi. His work has been featured in Garden & Gun magazine’s holiday gift guide, as well as many other publications including Delta Magazine, Delta Business Journal, and other hunting and outdoor magazines.

Bobby Rico Knives

Each of the trophy knives, one each for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Whole Hog, Shoulder and Ribs categories, feature Bobby Rico’s signature styling, including a hand-made handle crafted of various woods, bone, and other fine materials, and the tell-tale feather patterning of Damascus steel in the blades. Each is truly a work of art that any of our teams would be proud to win.

But, you’ve got to be IN it to WIN it!  We’ve got $20,875 in CASH prizes up for grabs. Applications are due by the end of August, so get them in ASAP.  Spaces are limited! Click the link below right now to head to the Applications page.


33rd Annual Country Showdown

America’s #1 Country Music Talent Search is coming to Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival on Friday, September 5, 2014!


The Country Showdown is the Nation’s largest and longest-running talent search, where you could win $100,000!

This is the last stop before the state finals in October, and your last chance to get in the Mississippi State Final at the Mississippi State Fair in October!

Get your application in before August 25 to compete in the Yazoo area local competition, sponsored by WBYP-FM and hosted by Fire & Feast 2014!

Click Here to Download the Country Showdown Application!

Entering is EASY! Just fill out the form and send it to WBYP-FM at PO Box 130, Yazoo City, MS 39194

OPTIONAL:  You can even create a customized profile page and register online at CountryShowdown.com/registration.php

Check out the promotional video below, and get ready to compete!

And for all those of us who cannot sing but who appreciate great music – we’ll be there to watch as the competition heats up! See you in Yazoo!

2014 BBQ Competition Applications AVAILABLE NOW

Grand Champions 2013 Red Hot Smokers web

Applications are NOW available! Visit the Applications page or download your applications and info from the menu on the left.  Remember, applications for the MBN Professional Competition, the Backyard BBQ Competition, and the First Responders BBQ competition are due in our office by August 29, 2014. Space IS LIMITED.!

Be sure to also download for your TEAM RULES AND INFO – included is the prize structure, judging schedule, and other information for your reference.

Speaking of prize structure… we will leave you with this INCREDIBLE break-down of the $20,875 in CASH plus other prizes available at Fire & Feast BBQ Competition in Yazoo City, Mississippi, on September 5 & 6, 2014!

2014  Fire & Feast Contest Prizes

MBN Championship Prizes

Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, and Pork Rib

(Prize structure awarded for all three categories)

1st Place $2,000.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife

2nd Place $1,250.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife

3rd Place $750.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife

4th Place $500.00

5th Place $400.00

6th Place $250.00

7th Place $100.00

MBN Grand Champion (one winner) $3,000 and Custom Built Bobby Rico Trophy Cleaver PLUS paid entry to the Memphis Barbecue Network Championship

First Responders Prizes (Pork Rib only)

1st Place $200 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy + paid entry for 2015 + $500 Donation to teams’ dept./organization (sponsored by Delta Group)

2nd Place $100 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy

3rd Place $75 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy

Backyard Prizes (Pork Rib only)

1st Place $200 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy + paid entry for 2015 MBN Professional Division at Fire & Feast in Yazoo City.

2nd Place $100 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy

3rd Place $75 + Paul Meek Hog Caller trophy

Ancillary Prizes

Anything But Pork, Dessert, Sauce, Hot Wings, and Cocktails

$100 – 1st Place, $50 – 2nd Place, $25 – 3rd Place (Awarded for Each Category)

Note: MBN Division trophies are custom built for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival by Rico Knives of Vaughan, MS www.ricoknives.com

First Responders and Backyard trophies are custom built for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival by Paul Meek Outdoors www.paulmeek.com




Open Call to Food Vendors…

Applications for all 3 BBQ competitions, including the 5 Ancillary categories, will be posted soon.  Get your application in to us ASAP for your chance to win a share of the $20,875 in CASH prizes being awarded on September 6 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, at the 4th Annual Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival.  Spaces ARE limited.  We’ll be sure to post again, right here, when the applications are available.

In the mean time, if any of you out there in the big dubya-dubya-dubya would like to apply to vend FOOD at Fire & Feast, this is your chance to apply. Complete the application linked below, and send in to us for approval.  You will be contacted ASAP by our festival chair.

Food Vendor Application – Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival – September 4 & 5, 2014

For now, we’ll leave you with this priceless photo from a 2012 caption contest on the Fire & Feast page on Facebook (yes, it’s almost that time again!). Our Chairwomen, Tonja Smith of Yazoo County CVB, and Leslie Scott of Ubon’s Barbeque of Yazoo, are two peas in a pod.  Aren’t they precious?!?


So… You Think You Can JUDGE?

Do you dream in BBQ? Do you take your coffee with a little brown sugar and chili powder? Does your family cry in desperation at every family outing, “Do we HAVE TO eat BBQ again??”

Well, suffer-alone-no-more, barbecue fan! This is where you belong!


This is open call for all MBN barbecue judges – we need you at Fire & Feast in Yazoo City, Mississippi, on September 5 & 6, 2014!

We’d prefer you be trained, if not certified, by the Memphis Barbecue Network – but if you would like to judge and haven’t trained yet, we can point you to a class close by.

(In fact, there’s a fine one going on April 5, just up the road from us, in Greenwood, MS. You can find info on that and others in the future at www.mbnbbq.com.)

Download our Judge Request and submit it ASAP.  We’ve got 3 BBQ competitions and 5 Ancillary categories (including DESSERT!) so we’ll need just about all the tastebuds we can get!

2014 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition JUDGE REQUEST FORM

Form is in PDF format. Download the Adobe Reader to view or print.
You may also call 800.381.0662 to have an application mailed to you.

We’ve got MORE money, BIGGER trophies… and SUGAR!

You heard right.  The 4th annual Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival in Yazoo City, Mississippi, will have even MORE prize money than in years past!  Check out the info below on the latest developments, and be sure to keep it here for updates.  Judge request forms will be posted next week, and BBQ applications will follow shortly after.

We told you last month about our plans to end the Baked Beans portion of the Ancillary competitions, and replace that category with Desserts.  What we didn’t tell you, is we will also be increasing the prize money for all of the Ancillary categories!  Sauce, Anything But Pork, Desserts, Hot Wings and Cocktails previously payed out only for first place wins. This year, we will be paying a second AND a third place prize as well (yes, some of y’alls entries were just that good!).  There will be a $25 third place, a $50 second place, and a $100 first place prize awarded in each of these 5 categories, bringing our total CASH prizes up to…


Oh, and we did mention a bigger trophy, didn’t we? Our Rico Knives hand-made damascus blade trophy knives have been a BIG hit with our teams. Take a stroll through one of our championship teams’ most prized possessions, and you’re sure to see a Rico on display. In years past, the Grand Champion was awarded a “Pig Sticker,”…. which, exactly as it sounds, is a really-great-big-huge knife.

We are SO pleased to announce that this year’s Grand Champion will have the honor of receiving the first ever special-edition Rico Cleaver, made especially for our competition! Below is a photo of the prototype, full of Bobby Rico’s signature styling, including a hand-made handle and blade and the tell-tale feather patterning of Damascus steel.  This is truly a work of art that any of our teams would be proud to win… but as we know, there can be only one!

Rico Cleaver edit

Beans are OUT but SWEET IS IN!

BIG news for all our Ancillary competitors!  The Baked Beans category will not be held in 2014.  Instead, we’re giving you the opportunity to show off your BEST DESSERT!

The decision was certainly not taken lightly.  After all, Baked Beans and BBQ go hand-in-hand, kind of like peanut butter & jelly or vinegar & salt.  But… I’m sure you’ll agree that everyone, everywhere loves a great dessert!

We realize this is a bit risky.  Word is, we run the risk of having umpteen (that’s a technical term) banana puddings or banana cream pies (insider) – but we know we’ve got some of the best chefs in the BBQ world at Fire & Feast, and if there ARE any banana puddings or pies entered, they will be world-class!

pie small crop

So, put those beans aside and bring the sweet to Fire & Feast 2014!  And if you want to send any samples for testing – you know who to call.  😉


BTW – Applications for judging and competing will be available on our site in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.  You know we’ll keep you posted.  :-)  Thank you for supporting Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival!