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The 2015 Fire & Feast BBQ Competition is giving away $21,325 in CASH prizes in our 2 barbecue competition divisions and 5 Ancillary categories!  Check out the break-down of prizes and cash below. And be sure to check out our coveted Trophies! Crafted by two members of the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild, these trophies are works of art that any team would be proud to take home.

2015 Contest Prizes

MBN Championship Prizes
Pork Shoulder, Whole Hog, and Pork Rib
(Prize structure awarded for all three categories)

1st Place            $2,000.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife
2nd Place           $1,250.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife
3rd Place           $750.00 + Bobby Rico Trophy Knife
4th Place           $500.00
5th Place           $400.00
6th Place           $250.00
7th Place           $100.00

ONE WINNER – MBN Grand Champion –  $3,000 and Custom Built Bobby Rico Trophy Knife PLUS paid entry to the Memphis Barbecue Network Championship

Backyard Prizes (Pork Rib only)

1st Place           $1000 + Custom Trophy + paid entry                                           for 2016 MBN Professional Division at Fire & Feast in Yazoo City.

2nd Place           $500 + Custom Trophy
3rd Place           $200 + Custom Trophy

Ancillary Prizes

Anything But Pork, Dessert, Sauce, Hot Wings, and Cocktails
(Prize structure awarded for all five categories)

1st Place             $100
2nd Place           $50
3rd Place            $25

Note: MBN Division trophies are custom built for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival by Rico Knives of Vaughan, MS www.ricoknives.com
Backyard trophies are custom built for Fire & Feast BBQ Competition & Festival by Paul Meek Outdoors www.paulmeek.com

The Trophies

Yazoo City’s Fire & Feast Barbecue Competition has commissioned a talented local artist to create for our MBN competition winners truly one-of-a-kind trophies!  Mr. Bobby Rico of Rico Knives in Vaughan, Mississippi (in Yazoo County) has created a custom set of trophy knives, one to be awarded to each the MBN Grand Champion, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place MBN category winners!

Rico Knives Trophies 2014 WEB

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